Hours of Operation

  • ​Monday thru Friday: ​Open from 9 to 5.
  • ​Sat & Sun: ​We will be with ​family
  • Stat Holidays: ​By the lake or eating turkey


(613) 761 7788

(866) 500 JAVA



We get it...

people don't buy products, people buy solutions.

The last thing you need at the end of your day is an excuse...  

It just has to work doesn't it?

...and if it's not a solution, then it's just another excuse. 


Profitable &


  • ​Best-in-Class Loaner Equipment
  • Lean, hassle free Pricing
  • High quality yet ​inexpensive
  • ​free delivery

Friendly &


  • Software Driven Processes
  • Friendly Customer Service
  • automated order tracking

F​resh &


  • ​alway Roasted-2-Order!
  • international Award Winner ​
  • Stellar local reputation

Where are we located?

​Right here in the nation's capital...of course.  Our shipping address is:

48 J​amie Ave.

Nepean , ON

K2E 6T6


​​​a canadian company

​Yes siree! ​ We are 100% Canadian and proud of it. 
​That means we live ​here, sell ​here, shop ​here, and employ people ​here.

We believe that's good for our economy and for those around us.  

Get a hold of us!

Now that you know who we are and how to find us.
No pressure or obligations. We're always just happy to chat
about how we can be of service. 

1+ 613 761 7788

​​​What's The word on the street...

Jason Paquin Experimental Test Pilot

The quality of their product has been consistently outstanding ...

I have been buying my coffee beans exclusively from FCC for 13 years now and their attention to detail in every aspect from bean selection to roasting is obvious. After all these years, the quality of their product has been consistently outstanding and the customer service has always been friendly and welcoming. I have travelled and lived around the world and, in my opinion, Francesco’s Coffee Company produces the best coffee anywhere (my favourite is the Espresso Garibaldi).


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​How often do you roast?

​​How ​does Roast-2-Order work? 

​What if I miss your roast day? ​

​What do you mean by Roast-2-Order?

​Why Does Roast-2-Order Matter​

How long will it take to receive my order?


Hey! It's no secret! "You can get really great quality coffee for your business!" ​

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30 Day "No Questions Asked" Service Trial

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If, after 30 days, you don't don't think that we have fundamentally  improved your coffee service, simply switch to any other provider without any penalties and/or obligations.
Additionally, we will cheerfully refund up to $500 of your purchases as our way of thanking you for trying out our service. 

*See your sales representative  for offer conditions and details.